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Who Owns Kushly CBD-Hemp House?

Sep 6

Kushly CBD- Hemp House was accused of making false claims regarding the health of its customers. The U.S. Federal Trade Commission announced a settlement in May. But who is Kushly? Leafwire, Kushly Industries LLC and the CEO of Kushly have been registered in Iceland.

Kushly Industries LLC

Kushly Industries LLC, the owner of the Kushly CBD Hemp House in Scottsdale (Arizona), has reached a settlement with the Federal Trade Commission regarding claims the company made regarding CBD products. False claims were made by the company about the efficacy of its products. The company falsely claimed that CBD products could treat serious illnesses such as Parkinson's disease and Alzheimer's. The company has agreed to cease making false claims, and to refund almost $21,000 to the consumers.

Kushly is a marijuana company founded by Cody Alt, who combines his background as a marketing expert with his love of cannabis-based products to form Kushly. Kushly will begin offering edibles beginning in February. It will collaborate with dispensaries across the nation to offer these products to the public. Kushly will also provide delivery services to dispensaries located in Arizona, California.

The FTC has recently taken action against a number of CBD firms which include Kushly. False claims about health benefits have been made by a variety of firms. While CBD could have some advantages but it's not proven to cure any serious illness. However, the company markets CBD products which claim to treat a range of diseases, such as psoriasis, and acne.

Kushly is an all-in-one shop for CBD products. It offers an array of oils, gummies and even a line of skincare. Although it began as a delivery service, Kushly has evolved into a fully-fledged cannabis business. Alt the man who started the business, was influenced by the benefits of cannabis products. Earlier in his life he tried numerous over-the-counter sleep aids to not much avail. Then he tried THC syrup. It opened his eyes to cannabis products.


Leafwire's cannabis social network is a fantastic way to get around the world of cannabis. You can find news articles and news events uploaded on the news feed. Users are also able to make comments or ask questions about other's posts. Leafwire lets users send messages to one another and create networks.

Leafwire is the largest global cannabis-related business platform, having more than 40,000 members who represent all aspects of the industry. This includes budtenders lawyers, accountants, CBD companies, equipment manufacturers as well as investors and accountants. There are also over 1000 job openings in the hemp and cannabis sectors on the site.

Leafwire is highly regarded within the cannabis sector, and is growing rapidly as it strives to expand into international markets. The first mover advantage of the company allows the company to move faster into this competitive field. Leafwire also has its own Kushly CBD Hemp House. Leafwire is an online community for cannabis professionals, offers more than 100 events. Leafwire members can also receive discounts on events.

Leafwire's Kushly Cannabis-Hemp House, a product made of hemp oil, can be found across the United States in a variety of states. The products are certified organic and do not contain any added chemicals. They are also free from preservatives.


Kushly Industries LLC, a Scottsdale-based company making false claims regarding CBD products is being accused of fraud by the FTC. The company has agreed to stop making these claims and will pay $30,500 in consumer redress. The lawsuit is one of the first in the industry to cite the deceptive marketing practices of the CBD company.

Kushly's products Kushly are claimed to cure a variety of ailments, from common headaches, rashes and migraines, to more serious illnesses like cancer and multiple sclerosis. While some of these claims are bogus Kushly's creators have set out on a mission to provide top-quality CBD products which cover all the spectrum. Kushly hopes to be the top location to purchase CBD products.

Kushly CBD-Hemp House was established in the year 2006. Kushly CBD-Hemp House's chief executive believes that the company is among the best CBD-based companies worldwide. CBD is a potent compound which can ease chronic pain and improve energy levels. The goal of the company is to make cannabis mainstream by offering high-quality, safe products that people can consume.

Despite its affluent reputation, Kushly CBD-Hemp House is an ethical brandthat provides high-quality CBD products for health conscious consumers. The company's founder, Janel Ralph, was in a position to establish the company after she had tried traditional pharmaceuticals in her daughter's case. Janel Ralph was a mom of an epilepsy patient. The traditional pharmaceuticals didn't help her daughter. Products made from hemp-derived CBD were also contaminated by an absence of regulation.

Websites that are registered in Iceland

Kushly's website is simple to use and includes details and customer service. It also provides USPS shipping and a 30-day guarantee of your satisfaction. Although the company doesn't disclose results from third-party lab tests however, it's very likely that they do.

Kushly is a top CBD brand, based in the Los Angeles area. Cody Alt, a passionate CBD enthusiast and entrepreneur founded Kushly in the year 2000. He also owns the popular PureKana. Kushly has the same product line as PureKana. It offers lotions and creams, tinctures as well as gummies and pet treats.

Health claims that do not confirmed by scientific evidence

Federal Trade Commission will take actions against companies and individuals that make unsubstantiated claims about CBD and hemp products. This action of enforcement is aimed at protecting consumers and will discourage companies from using such tactics. CBD hemp and hemp products haven't been studied scientifically and are not yet approved for use in serious health issues. Consumers may be misled into buying products that do not work if they hear unsubstantiated claims.

The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) is suing Kushly Industries LLC, a company with its headquarters in Scottsdale, Arizona. The lawsuit alleges that the company used false claims about health and lack of the scientific evidence to support these claims. Kushly has agreed to not repeat such claims and will compensate consumers with more than $330,000.

Owner of company

The proprietor of Kushly CBD-Hemp House has agreed to pay $30,500 as restitution to consumers who were deceived by false claims. This is the first time for this kind of scenario. Companies will find it harder to file such claims in the future.

The past has seen CBD-based kushly products have claimed to treat not only common ailments but also very serious diseases, such as multiple sclerosis and cancer. They made false claims about the benefits of CBD. While CBD is not a miracle cure for all conditions, it can help with many of them.

Recent research has proven that CBD can be used as an alternative that is safe and natural to prescription medicines. CBD is used for treating a range of medical conditions, including anxiety and depression. It can help lower anxiety levels and is widely used as a remedy for insomnia. Since it isn't psychoactive it doesn't cause physical dependence. It has also been shown to reduce the risk of developing cancer.

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