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US Tires and Window Tinting

Sep 6

US Tires and Window Tinting is an all-inclusive window tinting business based in Robbinsville, NJ. They are known for providing high quality products, and have received a number of excellent reviews from customers. US Tires and Window Tinting is a top window tinting business in the United States.

Xpel Prime HP series

The privacy glass film XPEL Prime HP is made by a high-performance hybrid structure that helps reduce heat while reflecting light. This film is scratch-resistant and blocks 99.9% of ultraviolet rays. The film is available in a range of shades. It also comes in a color stable black tone. This film is a fantastic combination of value and performance.

The XPEL Prime HP series of privacy film is the perfect choice for car owners who are looking for a strong window tint. It is able to block harmful UV rays and comes with an unbeatable lifetime guarantee. The films are designed to last, and are backed by a world-class lifetime warranty.

This film delivers the ultimate combination of great looks and security. Nonmetal-free, and resistant to ultraviolet radiation and glare, it is also non-metal-free. Furthermore, it reduces reflections and helps protect interiors from fading. It also eliminates reflections that are not needed from GPS and cellular systems.

MotoShield Pro

MotoShield Pro ceramic window tint is a premium ceramic film that offers the highest protection against sun's harmful rays. It blocks 99 percent of infrared and UV radiation. It also reduces glare. It is available in many different shades , ranging from 15-75 VLT.

You can save money by purchasing a roll of this film. You can purchase the film and cut it to fit your car however, the cost will be considerably lower than the precut options. Costs vary based on the materials. A roll of ceramic film is more expensive than carbon. While it's more difficult to install, it can aid in saving money in the long run. MotoShield Pro's Premium ceramic window tint film roll is suitable for a variety of vehicle types.

One ply film is the most well-known type. It has a coating of ceramic and a nanoparticle coating. It comes in various colors and comes with yellow sponge. Two ply films usually have a thickness of 2 mils. One mil means that the film is one-tenth of an inch thick. Though two-ply films are likely to cost more but they're not always better. For the best results, a professional installer is highly recommended.

This film is made of ceramic, which blocks heat and UV radiations. Non-metallized means that it won't interfere with the radio waves as well as other electronic devices. The film doesn't cause reflections. This is one of the most effective window films currently available.

Xpel Prime

The Privacy glass film XPEL Prime made by US Tires and Window tinting blocks up to 99percent of UV rays, while maintaining clarity and color. The films are designed to discourage burglars by stopping them from seeing the interior of your home or office. It acts as a glue between the glass and windows and makes them stronger over other kinds of.

There are a variety of options to choose from XPEL Prime window films. Some are medical-grade and block 99 percent of UVA/UVB radiation. These rays can cause diseases like melanoma and glaucoma. This film is ideal for these types of conditions because it is color-matched to the factory privacy glass.

This ceramic film is also extremely durable, and much easier to apply than regular roll film. To block out more sunlight, the film makes use of ceramic nanoparticles. The film is available in a variety of tints and can be fitted to a broad range of vehicles.

XPEL Prime CS privacy glass film is an excellent choice for car window tinting. It blocks 99% of UV-rays that cause harm. It also reduces glare while driving. It helps reduce eye strain and improves fuel efficiency. It offers privacy that is superior. It comes in the neutral charcoal or black color. It is not likely to fade or streak. It also comes with a lifetime warranty.

Based on the kind of vehicle, the tinting process can be between two and four hours. A large truck can take around an hour and a half. It will take just 30 minutes to tint your front door. The tinting process will reduce the light reflections from the outside and eases the strain on your eyes.

Carbon window tint can provide privacy and protection for the interior of your vehicle. It is made of small metal particles that are tough. It blocks UV radiation and makes the glass scratch and shatter-resistant. But, this type of film is a problem for radio and other electronic devices.

Window tinting by US Tires offers exceptional protection against the sun's ultraviolet radiations thanks to its ULTIMATE PLUS film. It's stain-resistant, and is made of a self-healing polymer. The XPEL's Edge Seal Technology protects the film from yellowing or pealing when exposed to sunlight.

Xpel Prime HD series

The privacy glass from Xpel Prime HD series blocks 99 percent of UVA and UVB radiation. It guards against the damaging UV rays that can damage your skin. The film is UV and fade-resistant and is suggested by the Skin Cancer Foundation. It's non-glare and maintains a comfortable cabin temperature. It provides greater protection against infrared radiationthat can cause skin cancer.

It'll keep your neighbors away from you, whether they're in your home or on holiday. This film protects your kitchen countertops from stains and scratches. It also shields quartz, granite, as well as marble countertops. XPEL privacy films can be used in any size space, whether it's a small space or a larger office or home.

This high-end ceramic film is much stronger than traditional dyed films. It can stop infrared and ultraviolet radiation as high as 99 percent. It is easy to tint. The multi-layer nano-construction of tint can provide protection from heat without compromising the visibility.

The XPEL window tinting range includes both ceramic and dyed-metal films. All of them offer maximum UV protection, while giving an attractive, timeless look. The XPEL Prime HD collection of window tints are backed by lifetime warranties, which makes them among the most reliable choices for homes across the country.

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